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Bright Summer Smiles Help Transition To Fall

If you're among those that feel like summer just goes by too fast, you're not alone. Despite the fact that the calendar shows there is still quite a bit of time left until fall officially arrives, like many people, the beginning of school or the arrival of labor day is a signal that summer has drawn to a close and fall is here.

Why do we like summer so much? Most people associate summer with the brightness of the days, the warmth of the summer sun, and the many things that keep us content as the days grow longer and our lives get to be just a bit more carefree. Our wardrobes are typically brighter and so are our smiles. One way to keep the brightness of a summer smile going long after summer draws to a close is by actually brightening your smile. And one super easy way to do so is with a teeth whitening treatment.

Whitening your teeth is a simple, quick and painless way to get the smile you desire all year long.  In fact, all it takes is a quick trip to our office to discuss the whitening treatment that is best for you. To enjoy the brightness of summer all year round in the form of a brighter and whiter smile, you have a number of tooth whitening options.  We offer patients the choice between custom trays with Zoom whitening solution or whitening strips. We are happy to offer a free consultation to help you find the whitening procedure that is best for you. (Add Starkman White Plan info here)

That's all it takes to get brighter, whiter teeth! So, if you are looking for a way to capture the brightness of summer and take it with you as you head into Fall - and you would like to enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile in the process - consider ending your summer with a laser teeth whitening procedure.

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